“I took my first steps as a little child in Denmark on a sailing boat. Since then I have developed into the person I am today. Best described in the next key phrases: world traveler, inspirational, literally and figuratively crossing borders, energetic, driven, fast, a will for winning and driven to establish that my customers are truly distinguishing and acknowledged as the best in their industry. In cooperation with my customers, I strive to achieve lasting results by challenging them to look beyond yesterday, today and tomorrow and act upon this daily. Together with all the people involved in these organizations and ensuring that they all are the coolest and best version of themselves, is essential to me.

Once you reach out to me to tell me you want to win, and you want to do that with me, I ‘m the first one to get on the plane or in the car.

I am most in my element sharing stories at a large table with friends and family enjoying a good bottle of wine. So if you have any world problems to be solved, I will do so in a heartbeat