We believe that succesfull businesses have a customer-focused approach and work on improving their internal structure, leadership and ‘culture’ from a clear vision and on a daily basis. Together with our customers we improve the progress in these areas from a HR perspective. We do so from three recognisable services; Recruitment & Onboarding, Test & Assessment and Consultancy & Interim.

To realize your sales and service goals, it is very important that you attract the right people, maintain and develop them. Because of our long experience in developing talent and achieving results, Pieterman Staffing will work with you to find the best match.

Not a standard selection procedure, but a total and complete understanding of your business and environment, provides an intense collaboration which we do not stop before we have the right ‘fit’. We are sharp, critical, motivating and a business partner rather than a recruiter. Everyone can pick out CVs, but making sure you add value to it is an art.


1. Inventory and advice on the job and creating the optimal function profile.

Preparation is everything. Not copying the job profile of the person who leaves, but looking closely at the customer contact values, vision and future of your company. Which skills are you looking for? Do they need to fit into the corporate culture, or are we just searching for someone who knows how to bring the necessary change for you? We spend the most of the time on these issues and on the in-depth interview with the candidates.

2. Search and selection of the most suitable candidates.

To find the right candidate, we combine our customer contact core values with yours. We use our entrepreneurship and years of experience in the business. Pieterman Staffing knows how to find out what motivates other people, what their strengths are and what your organization needs. That way we can put the best man or woman in the right place. In addition, we have built up a huge network in the recent years.

3. Reference study (standard) for each candidate we propose.

References are a valuable addition to our own inventory and assessment. It is important that these are not leading but add context to the whole process. We take this extremely seriously and include it in the whole selection process.

4. Assessment

An assessment includes:

  • An intake
  • An intelligence and psychological research
  • A depth interview
  • A written report
  • A personal explanation

The personality of an employee determines how he/she behaves, performs a task or reacts to a situation. An assessment of Pieterman Staffing brings out the personality and cognitive abilities of an employee, and helps establish, develop and maintain a successful relationship between employer and employee.

Each assessment is designed to measure, depending on the job, the purpose and context of the function. Pieterman Staffing sets assessments for recruitment, development and growth, potential of candidates, leadership, team development, and organizational change.

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