“I enjoy all the challenges I get at Pieterman. Every time again I do things outside of my comfort zone. I think it is amazing in my personal life and as a professional.

In Dutch we say: living is the plural of courage. This saying describes me perfectly. One of my passions is traveling. I love going to countries like Thailand or Bali with just my backpack. I also think following a language course in Spain is a good way to get to know the people and language better.

I find the freedom you experience when discovering a new culture with different behaviors and customs very interesting. I find it inspiring to know what drives people to bring out the best in them, in their personal lives and professionally. That gives me energy!

Giving insight in behavior, Holding up the mirror for people, but also helping them develop their talents further. Also music, dancing (salsa, bachata, zouk, merengue) and practicing sports are ways for me to blow off steam.”


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