Lena Rentschler

“Lena, write something for on the website about yourself for with your picture..”

Great idea but it is kinda difficult to find the right words to describe myself, I think. I could talk for hours about Pieterman, why I work here and why I sincerely love my job.

But you will figure all that stuff out when we get to know each other in person, I know that for sure. What you might not immediately find out when we first meet is:

I love old things and new things.

Things with tradition and things without boundaries.

I love security and adventure.

Thinks with and end and endless things.

I love home and being very far away.

Things that give peace and things that get my adrenaline pumping.

I love challenges and being challenged.

Things that will be forever and the quick-win.

I love Germany and The Netherlands more.

Sounds like a very diverse person, the Lena I am describing up there. But really I am completely not diverse.

Only for me is it “and and and” not “or or or”.

The continuous search for “and and and” makes it to where I keep finding new perspectives and challenges as a professional and a person.

Sincerely thinking along, making connections,opening unnoticed doors for myself but also for you as my interlocutor. Do you want to join me in “and and and”? Let me challenge you!

Knowing our marketing department my contact information is below – So do you dare!?”


+31 (0)6 43 82 28 64