Bart van Kessel

“Due to my large amount of energy I am a man of action and try to focus that energy on my clients and colleagues. On my clients, by putting my energy into my convictions and showing them that I truly can make a difference in their sales organizations. I focus my energy on my colleagues to stimulate and support them to continue on during days that are though.

Because of this energy I am not one to settle for a holiday on the beach. Active is more my style like snowboarding, diving, parachuting, running and soccer. So I don’t bounce back for extreme sports and have way more on my to do list still to try. This is why Pieterman is such a good fit for me and vice versa, because Pieterman is also extreme and causes extreme improvement in the organizations of her clients.

Do you also want to see extreme improvement in your organization in the area of customer contact? Call me or one of my colleagues, cause we all have that spark of extreme.”


+31 (0)6 53 88 18 53