“8 Tips for managing a large-scale behavior change”


Sometimes, it is difficult to be on the same level of understanding in a department. Not to mention moving an entire organization to exceed customer experiences.

The market is changing rapidly. Therefore, your employees really have to focus on the customer to maintain your reason for existence. Beautiful mission, however, it is not as easy as it sounds! Many organizations don’t know how to handle this. How are we going to realize this, and more important: how to maintain if things are going well?

What do you have to keep in mind if you want to run a program successfully with more than 100 people. From experience, I would like to share the most important critical success factors. After all, you don’t (always) have to reinvent the wheel yourself.

1. Have you been instructed to ensure this change? Start with the involvement of the responsible person in formulating the desired result. Involving the entire board and management team and commitment is crucial to the success of the project.

2. Hire a customer contact specialist. Behavior is one of the hardest things to change. Also again: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel itself.

3. Decide in advance which processes, people, departments and resources are related in your company on the success of this project. If you are dealing with multiple interests in this process, be sure you adjust some structures. Especially with large groups you can imagine that important successes can act as a wildfire across the entire organization and must be escalated immediately to threats to progress. Think about: a steering committee, a consultative group and working groups.

4. Carefully think about the tasks by group. Please take care of the efficiency and effectiveness, so that it is possible to follow advice in outline and deliver to the customer, to make decisions and remain flexible. Only the heads of the necessary business units participate. There is room for detail, implementation and execution, because the working groups are engaged in the elaboration.

5. Propose one single project manager. I can tell you: there is much to it and you are daily engaged in this exciting challenge. However, you have to manage certain issues, should be able to transform conflicts into opportunities and motivate people. In short, a very intensive job!

6. Everything has been tuned, goals/desires and results are concrete. Everyone is in shape! Perfect, let’s get the party started! In order to be able to keep monitoring the progress, it is necessary to make this measurable. Think about the way and means to advance carefully and ask for help. Which parts you want to take measurements, when and especially how do you want it?

7. Everyone is motivated and in good spirits to start this project at all levels. Suddenly there are other priorities during the process, things that can not wait and have to be done. It is the challenge to keep everybody in motion. The internal organization is desperately needed! Both top-down, bottum-up and peer to peer. Therefore, build and escalation model in which everyone approves to avoid this and achieve your results for sure.

8. And last but not least: FUN! That creates the appropriate soil to persevere. And as they say in Holland: ‘A day without laughter, is a day without training’.

I can give you a thousand and more tips and examples. However, we have come a long way. Let’s get the party started!