Successful in Customer contact

Successful in Customer contact

You can expect this

  • Intake
  • Learning styles test
  • Online assessment
  • Blended learning via
  • Extensive lunch, coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks
  • Participation certificate
  • Individual consultation period of three months

Target audience

  • Employees who are regularly active in telemarketing
  • Employees in customer contact with a commercial purpose
  • Reception, desk or other administrative staff who have regular customer contact

Customer Contact

In a customer contact environment, we use telephone, email, social media or other channels. Herein, it is essential to do this both professionally and customer-oriented. That is exactly why we have developed the training path ‘successful in customer contact’, where you can take steps that match your function, goals and desired outcome.


We believe in practice what you preach. In other words, all our trainers are specialized in customer contact, sales, coaching and management and understand better than anyone what your challenges are. Want to take a look at them already? Click here! 


How do I behave towards others in certain situations? That is in short what this assessment will show you. It gives an impression of your current behaviour and the behaviour of your contact. Therefore it will also advice you on which behaviour you can develop in order to find a way towards a successful conversation with a concrete result.

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This test provides insight into your learning style and learning preferences. Yet this says nothing about your qualities, but about the way you gather information, make things your own, test new insights, in short, how you learn. Of course you will get to see the result of the test yourself, but also for the trainer this result is very important. Your trainer will use the results to understand your learning style in order to customize and adapt the training, exercises and teaching methods to you.

BLENDED LEARNING is a digital learning environment that gives you as a participant the possibility to blended learning. This is where you can prepare yourself for the training by reading through the theory in advance. In addition, you can also chat with your fellow participants and watch several inspirational movies. Not only does this provide the perfect preparation for you, but also for your trainer.

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Unfortunately, our open registration trainings are in Dutch language only. However, we are always available for in-company trainings to help your organization to improve your communication skills both internally and externally. Please contact our International Sales Manager Jelle Drost by sending an email to We would like to figure out the possibilities for you!

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