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Personalized and designed for your needs.

Our trainings focus on the goals, desires, dreams and strategy that we determine in a joint effort, on the basis of the most efficient and effective way to realize them. An in-company training is one of our service concepts. You tell us what your objectives are and our customer contact specialist provides advice and works with you along the route.

Creating a lasting change is a huge challenge. In addition, not everyone has the same level, the same desire or ambition. Partly for this reason Pieterman has an open registration service concept. It can be developed for both individual learning needs and team objectives.


Creating common belief with the department, organization or management team. You will spend time together and simultaneously strengthen your team and cooperation.

A joint measurable goal (NPS conversion, customer satisfaction, CLF, turnover, etc.), combined with individual development questions.

A customized advice and training program on both the strategic, tactical and operational levels are offered.

Training on your chosen location.

The possibility of blended learning through


A flexible pathway on levels, time and objective. You do not have to take all of you employees out of business at the same time because several training sessions are planned for each training project.

A targeted build-up in training on fundamentals (basic), advanced (advanced) and master level in the areas of leadership / management, coaching, sales and customer focus.

A personal goal that contributes to the department- or organization goal.

Learning from others, getting out of your comfort zone and training in our Experience Center in Breda.

The possibility of blended learning through

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