“You could describe me as a positive thinker: I don’t think in problems or obstacles but always in: how something IS possible. Continuously looking for new challenges and always working with how businesses can be more efficient. I consist of a lot of experience in development projects and knowledge of many branches. A solid personality with board experience that is able to work in team on operational, tactical and strategical level.

I support entrepreneurs by matter of periodical interventions in the human axis, process and/or resources to reach an efficient and more effective conduct of business. Leading to: motivated employees, efficient processes and an optimized customer journey in which company goals are met and, quite possibly, are exceeded. My approach to company issues is differentiated: not only delivering short term results but laying the focus on long term and permanent added value. As a result of combining courage, expertise and entrepreneurship, I establish essential developments that contribute to an optimized customer experience.


Are you confronted with inefficiency in your company? Does your company have:

  • Turnover lagging behind
  • A lot of complaints
  • Dissatisfaction on the floor
  • Frequent or long term ill employees

Or do you experience powerlessness in collaborations? Feel free to contact me.



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