Katja Mosmans

I once wanted to do development work. But also be a helicopter pilot. Or maybe vet. Or dietitian. lawyer perhaps? Athlete then? It took a while (10-15 years) before I knew what I wanted to do. But eventually I became an entrepreneur and that suits me well. Freedom of thought and action. come up with something and give it direction. Build something. And always the best for the customer. Not even from a commercial point of view but from the natural drive to help people.

I founded several companies and features, but the common thread was always my work consisted of having and maintaining human relationships. As a company psychologist. As a sports psychologist. As a recruitment agency. And far before that as an account manager in the financial services industry. Always for people and with people.

Recently with Pieterman. Again to make something successful, again on human terms. With a lot of excitement and full of enthusiasm.

Typical of me: optimism. Do not think it’s going to be successful, but rest assured that it certainly will succeed.

Other passion in my life; my horses and equestrian sports!



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