Iris van Nes

If I were an animal, I would be a fox, according to a test I’ve ever done. An animal related to the dog who loves fun and that is loyal. Like the fox I do not like to stand out, but I am considering and I keep a sharp eye on things. I prefer to focus on others and how i can help them in their development and to achieve their goals. In it I can be tenacious as a pit bull, to complete the comparison with the canines!

I get energy from development, whether to another or to myself. Always trying to learn something new and get ahead a step preferably together with others. I enjoy discovering new things and meet challenges. Always pushing the boundaries, whether on the road bike on the Mont Ventoux, on a snowboard on another mountain or a mountain of work. About the things I do, I ask myself three questions: “Do i believe in it?” “Do i learn from it?” and “Do I have fun?”. 3 times yes = I do!


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