Relationships are the core of our business. We work with others to create relationships, build and maintain them between organizations and customers. In order to thank our valuable relationships for their mutual support and trust in us we invited them to participate with us in the Goofies sailing contest in Zeeland.

With their own Pieterman wind jackets and wind in their hair they climbed aboard in the months March and April to be a part of the Pieterman sailing crew for a day.

We would not be Pieterman if there is was not a piece of development was incorporated. Together we not only tamed the waves, but we also took a better look at behaviour. How do you react in a new situation, do you take the lead or would you rather stay in the background. Just like we do in our Xtreme sessions.

With teamwork  and a central goal we competed in the races. It was fun and we hope to see you back quickly aboard the Pieterman boat.