General terms

The following general terms and conditions apply to all agreements regarding training sessions and interventions, further named training sessions, provided by Pieterman.


The registration for training sessions will only be valid if it is has been agreed upon in writing by means of a Pieterman registration form or by a Pieterman order confirmation.

Proceeding of training sessions

Training sessions will proceed with the reserve of sufficient participants, which will be judged by Pieterman.

Invoices and payment

The client will receive an invoice three weeks before starting the first training session. The costs of the training sessions must be paid before the start of the training sessions. The client / participant agrees on the value-added tax concerning the rent of training rooms.

In the event that due payment has not been received in time, all judicial and extra-judicial costs to be incurred by Pieterman will be for the client’s account. If a participant, for whatever reason, does not attend the training session(s), the client will not be released from its financial commitment.

Cancellation and modification of training sessions

Registrations or assignments can be cancelled or be modified up to 4 weeks before the first day of the first training session. If dates of training sessions are cancelled of modified between 4 and 2 weeks before the start of the first training session, Pieterman will charge 50% of the costs for these sessions. In the event of cancellation and / or modification within 14 days before the start of the first training session, Pieterman shall be entitled to require 100% payment of all cancelled of modified training sessions. Substitution of a participant on a registered training session is free of any charge. If the training session has already started substitution will not be possible.

General restriction

Pieterman is entitled to modify the program of the training sessions. In the event that Pieterman is prevented form performing due to force majeure or unexpected absence of a trainer, Pieterman will be obliged to provide for another training session within a reasonable term. Pieterman will not be liable for any costs or damages the client or its participants may suffer in this respect.

Training material

Pieterman will retain title to all training material used in training sessions (copyright). The client or participant is not allowed to place training materials at the disposal of third parties.


The client / the participant accepts the general training conditions by signing the written Pieterman order confirmation or the registration form. This definition does also apply to e-mails or other electronic messages.


Any information about training sessions can be requested contacting us at:

Pieterman & Partners B.V.

PO Box 6820 – 4802 HV Breda

Telephone 076 – 571 29 30