“From home I am a dreamer: as a little girl I carried the world on my shoulders and I could philosophize all night about how I could mean something for others. But where do you start to discover how your own potential can contribute to meaning something?

During my college years I met many inspiring people who let me be a part of their dreams to make the world more beautiful. Where some made it their goal to build a smart-grid energy network in Bihar (india), others decided to mobilize young leaders in the world and inspire with their own talents to build peace in their own village, city or country. I had the privilege to be a part of this.

How far apart the goals of these people were, there was always one thing they had in common. The goal was not limited to a dream. These men and women took a leap of faith, bumped their heads, had their setbacks, but always stayed confident. Confident, to also inspire others (like me) to join them. This makes that everyday is successful for them, whatever the conditions are.

That is why I climbed on board here: That I can grow when I let another grow.”


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