Even when you have a chronical disease, you’re stronger than the world. And we will show you. Olaf Oosterman knows exactly what it’s like to have a chronic disease and as the founder he has the ambition to win the Volvo Ocean Race with a team of chronical ill and healthy sailors. The campaign #FACES makes it possible to travel along the world with your selfie on the sail. The project has gotten a lot of attention abroad and Pieterman, as Founding Partner, was the first to join. We support the search for partners, as well as the expansion and realisation of the project. For more information, please contact us!


How tough was your start? Being an entrepeneur and starting your business is difficult enough, now imagine being physically challenged. Similar to the way we look at our dreams, we tend to look at the society we live in and the people that are a part of it. What dreams and ambitions do they have? How can we contribute? We are very proud to work together with the Bart de Graaff Foundation on both our missions. What you give is what you get. This is what we see in happy faces, in successes the fighters have and the warm response. There is nothing more beautiful than using your talent to make the world a better place.


Somebody cares is a wonderful initiative to which we love to contribute. A project focussing on the Roma, a minority group in Rumania. Somebody Cares focusses on three villages in which about 400 families and 700 children live in extreme poverty. There is no running water and the sanitation is terrible. Somebody Cares offers these children education.

Together with specialists we set up a schoolsystem offering 700 children education and increasing their chances of a beautiful and stable future.